First Draft: Super Group

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The coffee is terrible, but it’s free. He has four years, five months, one week, and 2 days until his parole ended. Eight hundred more hours of community service. Three of these group meetings a week, all because his former boss had tried to take over the world. How was he supposed to know the research team he had lead was working on a mind control helmet? They were told it was going to be used to help treat seizures, and Parkinson’s. Still, it beat prison.

He checked his tablet, which one was this one again? Let’s see, Wednesday meant it was the “Not my Fault” group. He pinched the bridge of his nose, and took a deep, calming, breath. At least it wasn’t the “Poor, Pitiful Me” Monday group, or “I’m so Angry” Friday group. That one scared him.

He clapped his hands, drawing everyone’s attention. “Okay, everybody take a seat.” He grimaced around another sip of coffee. “This is Dealing With Upheaval. Uh, Life After You Shiver is down the hall in Conference Room Cowl.” He waits while the guy with eyestalks, and tentacles instead of hair apologetically slips out. “Now, I see some new faces, so let’s go around the group and introduce ourselves. I’m Dr. Barrett Blair, and I’m going to be the therapist in charge.”

He nods to the young, blue haired, lady on his right. She clears her throat, and stands. “Uh, Hi,” her voice is soft, barely above a whisper. “I’m Gabriela Mercado, uh, last week I found out I was adopted. I also discovered that I’m a highly advanced android from the future sent back to stop the Black Fury.” She shrugs, “I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Barret knows how he feels about it. Black Fury is the reason he’s here.

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