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Just a drawing exercise using a new brush set from Sketchbook. I decided to try my hand at a few Martians from some Pulp Era stories. From left to right they are…

Tweel (or Tweerl. It’s one of those names humans aren’t able to pronounce correctly.) His race is known as the Thoth, and they gave the Egyptians the gift of writing. All my source said was “Ostrich-like with small head, round body, flexible beak, and intelligent. The fact they can build guns is taken as a sign of them being civilized. He appeared in “A Martian Odyssey” and “Valley of Dreams” by Stanley G. Weinbaum. Both stories were published in 1934, with a third planned, but never written due to Weinbaum’s death from cancer.

Oscar, The Detective of Mars. Accidently brought to Earth by a stage magician he decides to solve crimes using his super-sensitive sniffer. Described as 4’5″ with a nose shaped like a tulip and a feathered bottom he first appeared in the October 1940 issue of Fantastic Adventures. He appeared in 5 stories all together, stopping poisoners, murderers and even a small army of zombies. Oscar was created by James Norman.

Martian 774 stands (oozes?) behind Oscar. His society has very limited resources so they practice an extreme form of population control. So long as a citizen is productive, or contributing to society in a meaningful way, they are allowed to live. Number 774’s research on the neighboring blue planet isn’t considered productive, so he has 40 days to live. The description mentioned the use of exoskeletons to do most physical tasks, so I took it to mean he was more protoplasm than solid being. Martian 774 made his debut in Old Faithful by Raymond Z. Gallun, first published in Astounding Science Fiction (Dec 1934) The story spawned 2 sequels, Son of Old Faithful (featuring 774’s child 775) and Child of the Stars

The remaining two are from the same story, The Marvelous Adventures of Serge Myrandhal on Mars, written by H.Gayar. First published in France in 1908, it follows Serge taking his psychic powered spaceship to Mars. The two races he encounters are the Houa and the Zoa.

The Houa are small, red furred anthropoids living in underground caverns. A primitive race, Serge adopts one as a guide on the dying world.

The Zoa are diaphanous, asexual, “angelic beings”. Serge renames them The Elohim. They are almost extinct. Serge discovers their mummies in his explorations. Eventually he discovers a living specimen, and learns the secrets of the universe! (or something. It’s in French. He could have gotten a semi-decent baguette recipe for all I know.)

Anyway, They’re not correct, or canon. A little research will show how far off I was. For example, Tweel is orange in the original story, but Martians are green, dangit. GREEN! Little Green Men! Also, Oscar’s nose sticks out from his face like a trumpet. Still, it was a lot of fun, and maybe I’ll attempt Venusians next time.


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