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Real Name: Tommi McCormick
Status: Wonder, Registered with DHA. Classification: NESV0+3-1
Age:16 Height:167 cm (5′ 6″)

Origin: Tommi started experiencing blinding headaches shortly after her twelfth birthday. No matter what doctor her parents took her to, the treatments didn’t help. Her eyes started becoming extremely sensitive to light, to the point she couldn’t leave the house during the day without wearing a special visor. It all came to a head during the annual fourth of July fireworks. The bright flashes of color triggered her worst headache yet. She fell to the ground screaming, covering her eyes, and shaking her head. She said her eyes felt weird. Her mother pulled Tommi’s hands away from her face to get a better look, and recoiled in horror. Tommi was holding her eyes in her hands. As her parents watched Tommi’s eye lids sealed shut in seconds. Overnight, at the hospital, new bone growth filled her empty eye sockets. By the time she was discharged there was no evidence she had ever had eyes at all.

The lack of eyes didn’t diminish her ability to see, much. Though she could no longer discern colors, the clarity of her vision was sharper than ever. She spent two weeks at FairyLand, the local Department of Human Anomalies facility, learning how to live with, and discovering the limits of, her new abilities. Since then she has lived with her family in the city of TarpĂ© Mills attending weekly group sessions to help new Wonders cope with their abilities. She doesn’t try to hide her condition, though if people comment on it too much she’s been known to wear novelty glasses, or put enormous googly eyes on her face.

Abilities:Tommi has perfect vision. The lack of eyes doesn’t seem to have diminished her ability to see in any way, except color. She can even read, or watch television as easily as she did before. Through concentration she can focus her ability to include telescopic vision, peer through certain materials, or take in everything within a 100 foot radius of herself in every direction. Visual illusions, such as holograms don’t fool her either. She can see them, but her ability allows her to pierce them and see the truth behind them


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